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Saab Double Eagle MCM

Saab Double Eagle MCM

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Double Eagle


Saab develops high technology underwater systems for a wide range of applications that allow Armed Forces to enhance and extend their operational capabilities.

Saab's Underwater Systems are designed to build situational awareness, provide decision superiority and enable response to any given situation.


The Double Eagle System uses a modular approach to provide flexible systems for MCM operations. The System provides a hydro-dynamically stable, highly reliable system with exceptional performance and low life cycle cost.

Navies around the world use the Double Eagle on many types of ships. It has also been adapted to Craft Of Opportunities (COOP), where Double Eagle is housed in a container that is easily installed on almost any type of ship.

There are three main configurations:

  • Mine Reconnaissance, both remotely
    controlled or autonomously performed
  • Mine Disposal
  • REA
Mine Reconnaissance


Traditional mine reconnaissance is performed by an MCM ship provided with hull mounted or towed sonar. The new concept is to integrate sonar on the powerful Double Eagle running several hundred metres ahead of the ship, remotely or autonomously operated. This arrangement not only improves ship and crew safety, but also enhances the performance of the sonar, as it is possible to vary both its depth and viewing angle of the target.

Based on the well-proven Double Eagle control system, a high-power vehicle has been developed to provide extreme power enabling utilization of the Double Eagle in strong current environments.


The Double Eagle SAROV performs autonomous mine reconnaissance missions over vast areas, gathering vital environmental data for planning MCM missions, identifying mine-like looking objects and sending positional data via cable or radio.

Rapid Assessment   Double Eagle SAROV


In mine disposal configuration, the Double Eagle is fitted with location sonar and a disposal charge or a mine sniper, a one shot mine destructor vehicle.

Its inherent precision manoeuvring capability allows the Double Eagle to place a charge close to the mine or launch the mine sniper with high precision for destruction of the mine.

This is achieved with the minimum of noise and without complicated control systems that add weight, size, complexity, and cost to the system.

Mine Disposal
Double Eagle Controls
Double Eagle System


Standard System

  • Double Eagle Mk II or Mk III includes all controls to manoeuvre the vehicle.
  • Operator Control Board, OCB.
  • Display Unit, DU 14 monitor mounted in a 19 rack.
  • Electronic Unit, EU.
    The heart of the system with interfaces to all other units.
  • Surface Application Computer, SAC. Data acquisition, communication, presentation of data.
  • Power Converter Unit, PCU.
    A static converter that creates power for the vehicle from ship power, includes insulation monitoring with circuit breaker.
  • ATC Winch. Automatic tension control.
  • Cradle or trolley for deck handling.
  • Launch and Retrieval System, LARS.
    The tool is used in conjunction with a sea-crane onboard the ship, for automatic release or retrieval of the vehicle.
  • Portable Operators Control Board, POCB.
Double Eagle PVDS System


The Double Eagle PVDS system is equipped with a rotatable,forward looking sonar that significantly enhances the detection range of sea mines and yields virtually unlimited endurance.

Double Eagle SAROV System


The SAROV enhances the capabilities of the Double Eagle family of ROVs and creates a hybrid AUV/ROV. The addition of autonomous operation and underwater docking capability enables the SAROV to be operated both with and without a tether thereby increasing range and versatility.



Specifications Double Eagle MKII Double Eagle MKIII Double Eagle SAROV
Weight in air Approx. 360 kg Approx. 500 kg Approx. 540 kg
Weight in water Adjustable, normally slightly buoyant Adjustable, normally slightly buoyant Adjustable, normally slightly buoyant
Length 2.2 m 3 m 2.9 m
Width 1.3 m 1.3 m 1.3 m
Height 0.5 m 1.3 m 1.0 m
Operational depth 500 m 500 m (1500 m or 3000 m Optional) 500 m
Speed >6 knots forward, 0. 7 knots lateral, and 0.4 knots vertical, 6 knots ascent/descent 0 7+ knots 0 8 knots AUV mode
Propulsion wo 5 kW brushless motors. Approx. 2,500 N forward thrust. Six 0.4 kW brushless motors. Four 7 kW (10 hp) brushless motors. Approx. 7,500 N forward thrust. Six 400W brushless motors. Two 5 kW brushless motors. Approx. 2500 N forward thrust. Six 400W brushless motors
Camera External colour CCD External CCD  
Sensors Sensor platform for vehicle control, depth sensor, leakage sensors, acoustic speed log and altimeter. Sensor platform for vehicle control, depth sensor, leakage sensors, acoustic speed log and altimeter. Sensor platform for vehicle control, depth sensor, leakage sensors, acoustic speed log and altimeter.
Sonar Electronic scanning sonar, mounted tiltable 0-90° to provide possibility of placing the mine disposal charge in zero visibility.
(Other sonars may be fitted.)
Navigation     Inertial Navigation System (INS), Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), GPS Endurance: 10+ hours (AUV Mode)
Payload   250+ kg, 600+ Watt 250+ kg, 600+ Watt
Telemetry   Dedicated single mode fibres and Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet/WiFi/Radio/Acoustic
Power Supply   2 Power Converter Units, PCU, static converters, 20 kW each for the vehicle, includes insulation monitoring with circuit breaker.  
Tether Winch   ATC-FC Winch, Automatic tension control winch for fibre optical and power tether.  


Double Eagle MCM System   Double Eagle MCM System
Double Eagle MCM System   Double Eagle MCM System