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Saab Double Eagle SAROV

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The Double Eagle Sarov can operate as an AUV, with an onboard inertial navigation system allowing the vehicle to navigate over great distances and depths.

Alternatively the Sarov can be operated via a several kilometre long fibre optical tether or a tether providing both power and real time communication for the vehicle. For MCM operations the Double Eagle Sarov can be used for detection, classification, identification and disposal.

The Dock and Release Mechanism on the vehicle gives it the capability to release and redock with the tether under water, avoiding retrieval of the vehicle for battery charging and up/down loading of data.

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The SAROV System is a complete system, including Integrated Logistic Support package components, configured to achieve cost-effective operation for each kind of mission.

The System consists of:

  • The SAROV vehicle
  • Mission Planning & Analysis Unit
  • Battery Recharging System
  • ILS package

An onboard charger is used to recharge the battery while dumping data and preparing for a new mission. Whilst the battery is being recharged it is still possible to operate the vehicle in ROV mode.


To meet customer requirements for optimized flexibility, the SAROV and necessary auxiliary equipment are put into a standard container that can be placed on and operated from any location or craft of opportunity (COOP), e.g. a multi-role vessel or a quay.


Weight in air Approx. 540 kg
Weight in water Adjustable, normally slightly buoyant
Length 2900 mm
Width 1300 mm
Height 1000 mm
Operational depth 500 m
Speed 0 8 knots AUV mode
Propulsion Two 5 kW brushless motors
Approx. 2500 N forward thrust
Six 400W brushless motors
Navigation Inertial Navigation System (INS),
Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), GPS
Sensors Sensor platform for vehicle control, depth sensor, leakage sensors, acoustic speed log and altimeter
Endurance 10+ hours (AUV Mode)
Payload 250+ kg, 600+ Watt
Telemetry Gigabit Ethernet /WiFi /Radio
/Acoustic /GPS /Iridium



  • Navigation High performance INS, USBL positioning systems
  • Underwater communication modem
  • Data acquisition and presentation of data customer specified
  • Power Converter Unit, PCU, 20kW static converter for the vehicle, includes insulation monitoring with circuit breaker
  • ATC Winch, Automatic Tension Control Winch for fibre optical and power tether
  • Fibre Optical Tether length 10000 m or as specified by client, diameter 4 mm
  • Tether, Buoyant Kevlar-reinforced cable, containing 2 power conductors, 2 optical fibres and screen. Length 1000 m or as specified by client, diameter 11 mm
  • Cradle or trolley for deck handling
  • Launch and Recovery System, LARS
  • Multi Functional Operator Console (MFC)
  • Multi-sensor interface
  • Multiple video channels
  • HD cameras with onboard recording and high resolution still capacity
  • Tools and accessories
  • Video camera and scanning sonar
  • Forward Looking Sonar
  • Multibeam Echosound Sonar
  • Side Scan Sonar (SSS)
  • Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS)