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The SUBROV system is an ROV system controlled and operated from a submarine. The system comprises an ROV, a winch including a tether management system and an operator console.

Aboard the submarine the system is handled like a heavy weight torpedo using the same handling equipment as a torpedo. It is launched and retrieved from a 21" torpedo tube.

Integration of the system is straightforward. The torpedo A-Cable is used for communication and power supply, the torpedo locking devices are used to lock the SUBROV in the tube, a standalone operator console is used inside the submarine to operate the system. No modification of the submarine is necessary at this level of integration.

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The vehicle is battery powered enabling the use of a long thin fibre optical tether for vehicle control and sensor data telemetry. The vehicle is operated by a pilot from an operator console inside the submarine that is used for controlling the ROV and displaying video and sonar images to the operator.

A winch, placed inside the torpedo tube, handles the tether during operations. This maintains tether length and tension in order to keep the tether safe during operation and stowage. An external battery charger is used to charge the battery inside the submarine.

The SUBROV system utilizes a modular design to facilitate ease of fault tracing, removal, repair and replacement of components.


The vehicle has a 6 DOF control system that makes it a highly manoeuvrable, stable and versatile vehicle that can be configured for a multitude of tasks such as:

  • Inspection/Intervention
  • Communication/Surveillance
  • MCM
  • AUV recovery


Length 4 500mm (ROV 3100 mm)
Diameter 533 mm
ROV Height 470 mm
ROV Width 470 mm
Weight in air 500 kg
Depth rating 500 m
Speed 3 kn
Forward thrust 400 N
Upward thrust 200 N
Lateral thrust 150 N
Endurance 6 h
Battery LiPo 8 kWh
Range >10 km
Communication 800 m F/O tether
Interfaces Cameras, sonars, tooling motor, RS232/RS485, GB Ethernet, additional Saab Seaeye Intelligent Devices
Auto functions 6DOF, Heading, Depth, Altitude
Payload 10 kg


The system can be used to carry an antenna module that can be brought to the surface to establish radio communications. It can also be used to dock and connect to underwater communication nodes. This feature enables the Submarine to carry out covert operations without revealing its position.   The ROV can be equipped with an AUV gripping tool enabling it to dock with an incoming AUV. The ROV can then move the AUV into a torpedo tube for recovery.
The system can be used to examine both the submarine itself and the area surrounding the submarine. In addition to colour and low light cameras, the ROV is equipped with sonar to help navigation and to relocate objects. The SUBROV takes over the hazardous task of the divers. Light works and inspection can now be made safely.  
  • Inspection/Intervention
  • Communication/Surveillance
  • MCM
  • AUV recovery
The ROV can be equipped with tools to perform various tasks such as cutting wires and retrieving or moving objects with a manipulator. The SUBROV uses its sonar and cameras for the detection of sea mines.