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Seaeye Control Cabins & Workshop Containers

cabin   TSS191 -A60 Z2 -Seaeye -21.10.03 099

The surface control and power supply equipment necessary to operate a Seaeye ROV can be provided boxed as individual transportable items or for you to install as a fixed installation in your vessel.

Alternatively, Seaeye can install all of this equipment into a dedicated control container or 'cabin' that can be moved from location to location as a complete and integrated unit. The package will include domestic power supplies, a desk, chairs and a bookshelf for the storage of system manuals. 19 inch rack mount units are provided with the Seaeye surface control unit installed as well as the installation of customer selected options such as a video suite, sonar control equipment, communications equipment and so on. The Seaeye Power Supply Unit will be installed together with all interconnecting wires and cables.

Example of a Saab Seaeye Control Container interior
Example of a Saab Seaeye Control Container interior

Options include air conditioning and the choice of a cabin suitable for safe area ROV operations or operations in a hazardous area with 'Zone 2 rating'. Control cabins can also be manufactured with an A60 fire rating.

The layout of the container will be agreed and customised to suit your particular requirements and preferences. An example of layout for a Zone 2 16ft cabin is presented below.

16ft Cabin ZII ATEX

Split cabin options are also available, where the cabin is split into a control area and a workshop area, or into a control area and area where the ROV is stored and launched from (with an extendable jib).

'Cougar in a Box' option
'Cougar in a box' option.

Specification for a Zone 2 Saab Seaeye Control Container:

Classification: A60 Zone II - ATEX Group II - Category 3G
Structural Build Standard: Purpose built 'Offshore Service Container'
Load-tested, marked and certified to DNV 2.7-1 and BS EN 12079
Certifying Authority: Lloyds Register of Shipping
Structural Materials: Bulkheads will be 4mm corrugated plate
Lifting Points: Fork lift pockets set into base, lifting padeyes to top corners.
ISO corners to base. 4 leg sling and shackles.
Personnel access door: Outward opening, lockable A60 door, with 1900 x 850mm opening.
External Protective Coating: Surfaces shot-blast cleaned, primed, intermediate coating, top coating of 2-part epoxy paint.
Single colour to customer requirements.
Optionally: multiple colours and special requirements (logos etc).
Interior surfaces primed before insulation installation.
Roof with non-slip finish.
Underside protected with bitumastic black paint.
Sign written and marked in accordance with EN 12079.
Passive Fire Protection: Bulkheads, floor and deckhead are insulated and lined with heat and fire retarding materials to SOLAS A60 standard.
Walls and ceiling: Walls and ceiling lined with non combustible Cape wall board, covered with fire rated white Formica sheet. Wall and ceiling boards are fastened with Omega Joints.
Cabin floor: Covered with DOT approved non-slip and fire retardant certified vinyl Altro flooring.
Heating & ventilation: A 1.5kW oil-filled heater is mounted near the pilot seat.
Ventilation is provided by the cabin pressurisation fan, via the inlet and exhaust duct.
Cabin required supply: Electrical: 380-460VAC. 50/60Hz. 3-phase @ 63Amps. Neutral not required
Air: 80 to 120 PSIG. 2 Cu ft/min (for pneumatic dampers)
Transformer: The cabin transformer is secured to the floor within an enclosure.
Input: 380 to 460VAC. 50/60Hz. Output: 220VAC @ 5kVA single phase
Electrical equipment - Non zone: Cabin supply is via the Eex purge control unit into electrical distribution panel.
The 415V supply: AC 3-phase distribution panel, is fitted with RCD protection.

Output breakers for:
  • The cabin 240V transformer 5kVA
  • 32A hook-up junction box for ROV PDP
  • A 63A socket outlet for the winch/LARS.
Cabin transformer feeds 240VAC distribution panel.
The 240V supply: AC single phase distribution panel is fitted with RCD protection.

Output breakers fitted for::
  • Lights: one off ceiling-mounted 4ft twin strip light, switch by the door. One ceiling-mounted 60W dimmable light over pilot consul. One off twin strip Eex emergency light, ceiling-mounted in main cabin. Automatically energised on cabin power failure.
  • 10 off twin 13A sockets. 1 for work bench, 3 for the ROV desk and 6 for the 19" rack.
  • 1 switched outlet for heater
  • 1 off earth boss and 1 off intrinsic earth boss mounted externally within the storage area. 1 off earth bond point internally near the transformer position.
Cabling in metal trunking, PVC conduit or armoured and secured to galvanised cable tray. All trunking and cable tray will be earth bonded to maintain continuity.
EEx pressurisation / purge fan unit.
EEx purge control panel, with smoke, gas, pressure monitoring and emergency shut-down.
EEx solenoid valve for pneumatic inlet / exhaust dampers.
Intrinsic cabin air pressure / flow switches.
Magnahelic cabin pressure gauge.
Intrinsic audible alarm, to warn of pressurisation loss & low level gas.
One ceiling-mounted smoke detector.
Intrinsic EEx gas detector head, mounted in air flow from pressurisation fan.
Intrinsic break glass call point.
EEx one ceiling-mounted emergency light.
Wiring between EX units will be in ships wiring 685- TQ cable.
Escape hatch: For this size of cabin that is not normally manned for 24hrs an escape hatch is not essential, but usually subject to the planned utilisation and location safety requirements.
Air conditioning: The unit supplied is designed for use in a marine environment. The exterior section is rated EEx, interior is safe area. The unit is designed to function in an ambient temperature of up to 45C, providing approximately 18,000BTU cooling.
19" rack rear access: The base is simply unlocked and moved forward on gliding arms and locked in the outer position. Provides 500mm of access enabling easy re-wiring or maintenance.
Lifting sling: A fully certified 4-leg sling and shackles designed to DNV 271 standard for the cabin.