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Saab Seaeye Launch & Recovery Systems
(LARS) - 'A' Frame Systems


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A-frame LARS and ROV system

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We have a range of 'A' frame LARS designed specifically to match your Seaeye ROV that are equally suitable for launching other manufacturers' vehicles. These all incorporate a number of useful new features including:

  • Elevated 'A' frame pivot point to clear a 2 metre high ship's guard rail.
  • Compact integrated skid mounted 'A' frame, winch and HPU.
  • Forward located rams to provide clear side access to the ROV and TMS.
  • Stainless steel fittings, fastenings and pipe work to reduce corrosion.
  • No crane required for erecting the 'A' frame to reduce mobilisation time and cost.
  • Optional latch mechanism for safer deployment.
  • Zone 2 option.
  • Transit Crash frame to protect the winch and HPU (part of BS EN 12079 framework).
  • Compact stowed position for easier transport.
  • Designed to DNV Rules for Certification of Lifting Appliances.
  • A-Frame, winch and lock-latch (optional) designed i.a.w. Lloyds Register Code for Lifting Appliances In A Marine Environment.
  • LARS frame designed to BS EN 12079-1:2006 for Offshore Lifting.
  • Optional extras:
    • 'Go-Devil' winch for running lock-latch (free-swimming configuration)
    • A-Frame light
    • Remote controls
    • Lebus groove drum core
    • Tarpaulin cover
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In the stowed/ transport position the LARS is extremely compact and small enough to be shipped in a standard ISO container if this were required. A crash frame is fitted around the winch and HPU with additional protection during transport provided by the 'A' Frame in its stowed position.

LARS in stowed/transport position
LARS in stowed/transport position

The 'A' frame can be erected using the system's own rams without the need of any other external lifting devices. This simplifies and reduces the cost of mobilisation and commissioning to a new location.

The forward position of the 'A' Frame rams keeps side access to the ROV and TMS clear of obstructions for essential maintenance and pre-dive checks.

Ready to lower into the water (with a snubber rotator assembly)
Ready to lower into the water (with a snubber rotator assembly)

Standard sizes:

Winch drum capacity (m) Base frame size (mm) Approx. MGW (kg)
700 2438 w x 5592 L 13,500
1100 2438 w x 5592 L 15,500
1600 2438 w x 5592 L 15,700
2200 2738 w x 6058 L 17,500

Bespoke systems specific to client requirements can also be manufactured.

Each of these systems can be provided for Safe area or Zone 2 operations.

An optional latch mechanism can be fitted to the sheave to capture a vehicle or TMS bullet for safer launch and recovery.

Saab Seaeye sheave wheel and lock-latch
Saab Seaeye sheave wheel and lock-latch

Alternatively, an optional snubber-rotator mechanism can be fitted. This allows the TMS to be stabilised and rotated for a safe and smooth transit through the A-frame, in particular in rough sea conditions.

Saab Seaeye Snubber-rotator assembly
Saab Seaeye Snubber-rotator assembly


The following are the specifications of the standard Saab Seaeye LARS:

Outreach 2.8m Options to 3.5m
Luffing 1.78Te Options for up to 3.5Te
Max. working height Safe Area or Zone 2 or ATEX
Compliance Complies to BS EN 12079
Lloyd's Rules for Lifting Appliances In A Marine Environment
Operational conditions Sea state 6
Operational wave height 3.9m significant wave
Offlead angles 10
Operational wind speed 20m/s
Design temperature -20C to 50C
Line speed Fully variable 0 to 45m/min mid range
Spooling gear Guide rollers on diamond bar, chain & gear driven from winch drum.
Fitted with easy operated clutch system to enable re-alignment
Powered Electric motor: 50 or 60Hz electric input
380VAC to 460VAC 3-phase
Motor starter Star delta starter unit IP66
Motor drive Hydraulic reversible motor gearbox and brake assembly, providing direct drive to the winch
Safety features Skid with 4 lifting pad eyes and fork pocket
4 deck fastening strong points & 4 sacrificial weld plates
Load holding counterbalance valves hard piped to each ram
Chain gate to replace ships safety rail
Non slip paint and durbar on skid base
Mesh grill for protection of winch & power pack as well as for safety purposes whilst maintaining observation
Oil bunds for environmental safety
Hydraulic control Hydraulic control consul operating A-frame & umbilical winch
Motor control Fail-safe lever valve offering full variable speed control in both directions. Mounted on winch frame
Brake: primary Fail-safe, steel disk integral to the motor gearbox assembly, spring applied / hydraulic released
Operated by winch raise / lower control action
Brake: secondary Load holding counterbalance valve in motor circuit
Paint specification
Paint colour
Paint type
Top coat
RAL number to be specified by client with order
Two part Epoxy Zinc Phosphate primer. Min thickness 100μm
Two part Epoxy High build pain. Min thickness 150μm
Two parts polypropylene finish. Min thickness 50μm

In addition to these standard systems, Saab Seaeye provide a rapid design service for LARS for special applications or to suit your particular requirements.

We can also supply variations of these LARS with smaller winches for systems requiring shorter mainlift umbilicals. This will result in an overall reduction in the LARS weight and a possible reduction in its footprint.

We can also provide standalone umbilical and lift winch systems to suit Seaeye ROVs or for other handling applications.