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Saab Seaeye Launch & Recovery Systems
(LARS) - Crane Based Systems


Crane LARS   Crane LARS 2

Saab Seaeye ROV systems are offered with the option of a Launch and Recovery System (LARS). When deck space is limited, crane-based LARS are the solution. This will include a skid-mounted integrated winch, power pack, and marine crane.

The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) comprises:

  • Skid base
  • Protection and lifting frame
  • Lifting slings and spreader bar
  • Articulated marine crane
  • Umbilical winch with level wind
  • Electro hydraulic power pack (HPU)
  • Umbilical sheave
  • Lock latch assembly with hand pump or remote hydraulic release mechanism (optional)
  • Rotary and Stationary Junction Boxes
  • Optional Zone 2 certification
  • Slip Ring

The system described below as an example is the 1100m Zone 2 Crane LARS.

The system is designed and DNV approved, with an outreach of 4.4m and a max SWL of 5500kg (line pull) and a winch capacity sized to accommodate 1100 metres of 32mm diameter Saab Seaeye armoured lift umbilical.

All hydraulic power requirements for the Articulated Crane and Winch are provided by the Electro Hydraulic Power Pack (HPU).

For transportation and shipping, the Articulated Crane folds and is locked in the stow position.

LARS stowed for transportation
LARS stowed for transportation

Shipping weight 17 tonnes
Max outreach 4.4 mtrs from edge of skid
Length 5100 mm
Width 2600 mm
Dynamic design factor 3G
Max line pull at core 4000 kg
Capacity of 32mm armoured umbilical 1100 metres
Line Speed 0-30 metres/minute

Winch and controls
Winch and controls

Electro-hydraulic Power Pack (HPU)

The HPU is integrated with the LARS system and is provided with dual hydraulic pumps capable of supplying all of the hydraulic requirements for operation of the winch and articulated marine crane.

Motor Start Eexd Star Delta.
Electric Motor 37Kw 380/440v 3 phase 50/60hz induction type.
Stationary and rotating J boxes Exd

Design code

Approved to Lloyd's Code for Lifting Appliances In A Marine Environment 2003 Ch3 Sec3.

The base and lifting slings are designed, tested and certified in accordance with BS12079 / DNV 2.7.1.