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Seaeye PT35N Pan and Tilt Unit

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  • Full ocean depth rated
  • Brushless motors proving high output torque
  • Precise control and positional feedback
  • Selectable control via RS232 or RS485
  • Robust hard-anodised aluminium body construction
  • Easy access for maintenance and inspection

This compact and robust PT35N Pan & Tilt Unit is designed for the harsh subsea environment. Ideal for ROV camera / light platforms and hydrophone arrays, the unit is rated to full ocean depth. The side entry lid provides easy access for maintenance and inspection. The Pan & Tilt incorporates common units for both the pan and tilt functions, making the unit easier for maintenance and even fault finding. 24 VDC brushless motors drive harmonic gear modules to provide a high output torque, combined with precise control and positional feedback in a compact design. Control is via RS232 or RS485, which is jumper selectable. The housing is oil filled with an integral compensator and includes a low oil level alarm.

Depth rating Full ocean depth
Torque at 1.5 A 15.0 Nm
Stall Torque at 2.0 A 35.0 Nm
Maximum Shaft Rotation Mechanically limited to 340
Shaft Speed, no Load 4 rpm (24 per second)
Nominal Shaft Speed Under 15 Nm Load 3 rpm (18 per second)
Weight 6.5 kg (in air); 4.3 kg (in sea water)
Motor 24 VDC Brushless
Connector 8-Pin