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Saab Seaeye Products

All Seaeye ROVs have been developed from original specifications developed in cooperation with ROV companies working in the offshore oil and gas industry where Seaeye ROVs enjoy a market leading position, and with companies whose requirements require portable but equally capable systems.

In the ongoing development of these systems, account has also been taken of the requirements of military and paramilitary customers who require the benefits of 'commercial off-the-shelf' or 'COTS' systems for security, diver support, search, salvage, MCM and survey operations. In recent years, Seaeye has worked closely with various navy customers to develop work ROVs capable of intervening in support of distressed submarines.

Other customers use Seaeye ROVs for internal tunnel inspection, environmental work, scientific research and hydrographic applications. Others are used in the super yacht industry.

In the Seaeye range you should find a standard system suitable for almost any requirement. Or maybe there is something very close that can be modified and customised for your application.

Inshore, coastal and portable ROV applications: Seaeye Falcon & Falcon DR

Seaeye Falcon -
300 metres rated (or 1000m for the Falcon DR)
  The cleaning brush is just one
of many accessories available

The Seaeye Falcon is a portable but extremely powerful system, with its one to one power to weight ratio and is the professional solution for depths of up to 300 metres in coastal and inshore waters. A wide range of standard tools and accessories can be fitted. For deeper operations to 1000 metres depth or for tasks that require long umbilicals the Falcon DR is available.

Observation, inspection, diver support and light work in harsh conditions: Seaeye Tiger

Seaeye Tiger - 1000 metre rated Seaeye Tiger with its TMS Type 2
Seaeye Tiger - 1000 metre rated Seaeye Tiger with its TMS Type 2

The best selling Seaeye Tiger is the yard stick by which all other small electric ROVs are measured in the offshore oil and gas industry. Very powerful, easy to fly and rated for operations to 1000 metres, the Seaeye Tiger is the industry work horse for observation, inspection, search, survey and diver support. It is also operated by military clients in support of search, rescue and salvage operations.

More capable inspection ROV: Seaeye Lynx

Seaeye Lynx - 1500 metre rated Seaeye Lynx with a water-jetting tooling skid
Seaeye Lynx - 1500 metre rated Seaeye Lynx with a water-jetting tooling skid

Rated to 1500m, the Seaeye Lynx was developed to meet an original specification from Acergy. Larger than the Tiger but with similar performance, this system has two vertical thrusters and additional outlets and power supplies for survey sensors. A variety of interchangeable tooling skids can be fitted. Thales also operate this system that replaces the earlier Seaeye Puma. For a small increase in cost this system is a very effective deeper rated alternative to the Seaeye Tiger.

Compact Work ROV: Seaeye Cougar-XT

Seaeye Cougar-XT  2000m rated Seaeye Cougar-XT and a dual manipulator tooling skid
Seaeye Cougar-XT 2000m rated Seaeye Cougar-XT and a dual manipulator tooling skid

The Seaeye Cougar-XT is a compact, highly flexible and extremely powerful electric ROV with working depths of 2000 metres. Proven worldwide and recognised for its capability, operators now have the ability to undertake a range of demanding work tasks at much lower operating costs. The Seaeye Cougar-XT is designed to accommodate heavier duty tooling via a system of quick-change tool skids making it ideal for survey work, drill support, light construction projects and salvage support operations.

Four vectored horizontal and two vertical brushless SM7 500 Volt DC thrusters provide full three-dimensional control of the Cougar-XT and the highest thrust to weight ratio in its class.

Deep Rated Compact Work ROV: Seaeye Cougar-XTi

Seaeye Cougar-XTi , the 3000 metre rated compact work ROV
Seaeye Cougar-XTi, the 3000 metre rated compact work ROV

The Seaeye Cougar-XTi is the deep water version of the compact, highly flexible and extremely powerful Cougar-XT. With all the benefits of the XT and the full range of optional quick-change tool skids, the Cougar-XTi also features a new concept in power distribution, self-diagnostics and a newly designed modular control system.

The light work ROV: Seaeye Panther-XT

Seaeye Panther-XT - 1500 metre rated
Seaeye Panther-XT - 1500 metre rated

The Seaeye Panther-XT is a development of the successful Seaeye Panther Plus ROV, which was developed in partnership with ROVTECH whose requirements were to minimise the system's weight and deck space requirements, while increasing the thrust and performance envelope to allow operations in the most demanding conditions encountered during IRM operations.

It is customisable and designed as the Saab Seaeye benchmark for electric work ROVs and challenges heavier and more costly hydraulic vehicles, particularly where deck space is at a premium. Thanks to its 500V powered thrusters, the Seaeye Panther-XT benefits from excellent handling and is capable of accommodating a wider range of heavier duty tooling for work tasks including drill support, pipeline survey, salvage and IRM to depths of 1500 metres. Air transportable Seaeye Panther systems are also supplied for intervention and life support tasks in support of rapid response submarine rescue.

ROVTECH claim that their Panthers can still keep going after their hydraulic ROVs have to be recovered in the strongest Southern North Sea currents. The Panther-XT is also widely used in the Middle East for pipe survey and in Vietnam for drill support and survey operations by PTSC.

The Revolutionary electric work-class ROV: Seaeye Jaguar

Seaeye Jaguar - 3000 metre rated work ROV
Seaeye Jaguar - 3000 metre rated work ROV

The Seaeye Jaguar represents a new era in ROV design and continues the long tradition of innovation and excellence that Saab Seaeye is world renown for. The largest vehicle in Saab Seaeye's range, the Jaguar introduces a new concept in control and power distribution that ensures reliability and complete redundancy throughout the vehicle. Easy self diagnostics and the ability to fix problems while the vehicle is working are a key part of the new control software. It gives precise control and is designed with an easy to use interface so that the system can be easily reconfigured. The modular design of the new control software means that future platforms will benefit from commonality of parts and therefore lower maintenance and spares requirements. With a standard operational depth of 3000msw and options of up to 6000msw, most subsea applications are within its range and capabilities.

ROV handling & TMS systems

LARS with TMS and ROV in stowed position ready for transport LARS with TMS and Snubber/Rotator
LARS with TMS and ROV in stowed position ready for transport LARS with TMS and Snubber/Rotator

Most ROV systems delivered by Seaeye that are larger than a Falcon will be ordered with a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) that generally comprises a skid mounted 'A' frame, winch, Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and Sheave. A lock latch or snubber/rotator can be added. Occasionally a crane base system will be supplied.

Control and Workshop cabins

Control Cabins - safe area or zone II rated Layout to suit your specification
Control Cabins - safe area or
zone II rated
Layout to suit your specification

Control cabins can be provided fully fitted out to your specification. They can be provided for safe area operations or rated for zone II use. Work shop cabins can also be provided combined with the control container or as a separate unit.