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Seaeye Sabertooth - tunnel penetration vehicle


Sabertooth Single Hull   Sabertooth Single Hull
Sabertooth Double Hull   Sabertooth Double Hull

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The Seaeye Sabertooth is a merger of the Double Eagle SAROV (Saab Autonomous Remotely Operated Vehicles) and Saab Seaeye technologies, resulting in a hovering hybrid AUV/ROV with deep water capability, long excursion range and a six degrees of freedom control system.

Seaeye Sabertooth is available in a single hull and a double hull version. This makes it a very powerful but lightweight platform for both inspection and light IRM tasks.

Its small size, tether free operation and manoeuvrability gives easy and safe access inside complex structures making it ideal for autonomous inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea installations, tunnel inspection and offshore survey work.

Seaeye Sabertooth Features:

  • Operational depth of 1200 msw (3000 msw)
  • Battery power allowing long range operations, with either full operator control via a thin fibre optic tether or autonomous operation (with operator control in proximity of targets)
  • Full AUV functionality with obstacle avoidance, behaviour based control and underwater docking capability
  • Redundant fault tolerant control system
  • Non-invasive self-diagnostics
  • Advanced autopilots: heading, depth, pitch, roll, stabilisation, altitude, station keeping, vector transition, obstacle avoidance and sonar target tracking
  • Remote internet interface for base and Seaeye technical support
  • The system is designed to be at a docking station 24/7 for more than six months without maintenance, eliminating the cost of surface vessels
Seaeye Sabertooth at docking station
Seaeye Sabertooth at docking station


The Seaeye Sabertooth has all the advanced features of the SAAB military hybrid AUV/ROVs, combined with the rugged and proven Saab Seaeye technology.

This deep water hovering hybrid AUV/ROV benefits from 360 manoeuvrability with six degrees of freedom, interfaces for sensors/auxiliary equipment and an extremely long excursion range.

This versatile hybrid AUV/ROV is powered by long-range batteries which can be recharged at a subsea docking node, which also allows data exchange.

The Seaeye Sabertooth can be operated in three different modes: autonomous, operator-assisted and manually.

Autonomous mode - the vehicle is instructed to perform a specific task such as transit to a specific location or to perform a pre-programmed inspection/survey. The autonomous system has behaviour based architecture. Navigation is supported by an Inertial Navigation System (IMU & DVL) and terrain navigation.

Operator-assisted mode - the vehicle is given step by step instructions from an on-shore operator, such as move forward three metres, turn right etc. Operations are subjected to behavioural constraints such as minimum distance to surroundings, minimum altitude, speed etc. Each step is then verified by video or sonar data and sent back through low bandwidth communication.

Manual operation - the vehicle is operated manually through a tether, or a radio link, but with assistance from the INS. This mode is typically used during the final approach to a docking node or during intervention.

Seaeye Sabertooth at docking station
Seaeye Sabertooth performing tunnel inspection

The Seaeye Sabertooth can carry out programmed autonomous inspection, maintenance and repair tasks. Once on the work site, intervention and tooling control is assisted and monitored by the operator through low bandwidth communication.

Equipped with a fibre link Seaeye Sabertooth can perform tunnel inspections. An inspection may be programmed prior to the work, monitored, interrupted for extra inspections and resumed by the operator. In case of fibre breakage the pre-programmed mission is continued.

In autonomous mode the Seaeye Sabertooth is very well suited for survey work. Several types of sensors may be integrated and the behaviour based control system makes it possible to react to sensor data and autonomously interrupt a programmed mission, take additional sensor readings and resume the mission.

Seaeye Sabertooth undertaking maintenance, inspection and intervention
Seaeye Sabertooth undertaking maintenance, inspection and intervention

If used as a subsea resident system the Seaeye Sabertooth is housed in a docking unit. The docking unit allows for sensor data and video to be up loaded to the surface, new instructions to be down loaded to the Seaeye Sabertooth and the batteries to be recharged.

The vehicle can free swim autonomously to the docking unit, dock and if required connect to a tether for manual operation.

Tooling packages can also be stored in the vicinity and used as required.

Seaeye Sabertooth Specifications

Specifications Single Hull Double Hull
Depth rating 1200 msw (3000 msw) 1200 msw (3000 msw)
Length 3600 mm 3700 mm
Height 450 mm 450 mm
Width 660 mm 1400 mm
Launch weight 650 kg (800 kg) 1200 kg (1500 kg)
Thrusters 4 SM4 + 2 SM9 6 SM9
Lights 2 LED lamps, equivalent to 400W Halogen 2 LED lamps, equivalent to 400W Halogen
Depth sensor DigiQuartz DigiQuartz
Interfaces Cameras, sonars, tooling motor, RS232/RS485, GB Ethernet, additional Saab Seaeye intelligent devices Cameras, sonars, tooling motor, RS232/RS485, GB Ethernet, additional Saab Seaeye intelligent devices
Standard Aux voltages 24 VDC and 250 VDC (unreg) 24 VDC and 250 VDC (unreg)
Auto functions 6 DOF, heading, depth, altitude 6 DOF, heading, depth, altitude
Forward speed 5 knots 4 knots
Thrust forward 100 kgf 100 kgf
Thrust lateral 40 kgf 90 kgf
Thrust vertical 80 kgf 160 kgf
Battery capacity 10 kWh 20 kWh
Endurance >8 hours >14 hours

Specifications Operators Console
Power 2 kW 240 VAC
Network to docking station 100 MB Ethernet
Height 1800 mm
Width 800 mm
Depth 800 mm

Specifications Docking Station
Power 3 kW 3-phase 400 VAC
Network to docking station 100 MB Ethernet
Depth rating 3000 msw
Height 3200 mm
Width 3200 mm
Depth 5700 mm