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Seaeye TMS Type 10

Seaeye Jaguar and TMS Type 10
Seaeye Jaguar and TMS Type 10

This winch style TMS has an innovative shuttle drum that moves side to side of a fixed power sheave which greatly improves tether life. The stainless steel main frame of this garage TMS is fully adjustable allowing for easy adjustment to accommodate varying sizes of ROV-mounted tool skids. The TMS 10 is adapted for use with the Seaeye Jaguar.

Benefits of a Seaeye winch and slipring TMS:

  • Longer ROV excursions from the TMS to provide greater operating footprint
  • Mobile drum and fixed sheave for smooth baling in/out and improved tether longevity
  • Variable baling speed

System description

The Seaeye shuttle drum TMS 10 comprises a side entry garage configured to accommodate the size of vehicle installed. The detachable top section contains a hydraulically driven winch drum with a slipring, level wind, sheave assembly and tether counter. The drum assembly is installed in two guides underneath and attached to the level wind, when the drum rotates so does the level wind which draws the drum back and forth over the fixed sheave assembly laying the cable evenly on the drum.

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) operates on demand to provide pressure and flow to the two hydraulic drive motors, one fitted to the main drum and the other to the sheave. The HPU is driven by the same Seaeye thruster motor as the ROV, offering commonality of parts.

A hydraulic latch mechanism holds the ROV securely in the garage during launch and recovery. These automatically retract whenever tether is paid in or out to prevent cable damage. The latches are sprung loaded allowing the ROV to re-enter the TMS and be captured even in the event of TMS system failure.

The stainless steel frame is fully adjustable with the cage height, guides, latch positions and bump stop readily repositioned to suit varying ROV types or tooling. Height adjustment is in 50mm increments. If required the frame can be collapsed to minimise transport volume, transportation is further facilitated by the base's integral forklift pockets.

The mechanism section is enclosed by equipment guards that can be hinged up or down without the use of tools to facilitate easy maintenance.

The control electronics are contained in a one atmosphere, hard anodised, pressure housing and all connectors are Seaeye Metal Shell type.

Cameras and lights

Cameras and lights

The TMS 10 is fitted as standard with 2 cameras and 2 lights. More cameras and lights can optionally be added.

Optional snubber rotator mechanism

The TMS 10 can also accommodate a snubber rotator, which is fitted to the LARS and allows smooth and safe deployment and recovery operations by enabling the operator to stabilise and rotate the TMS.

TMS 10 Specifications
ROV model Seaeye Jaguar
Construction Stainless 316 Steel
Baling System Winch and slipring
Electronics Pod Hard anodised pressure housing with Seaeye metal shell connectors.
Tether capacity 500m of 22mm tether
TMS 10 Dimensions
Length 2570 mm
Width 2065 mm
Height 3194 mm + 500 mm adjustment
Depth Rating Same as the vehicle it carries

Seaeye Jaguar, TMS 10 & A-frame LARS
Seaeye Jaguar, TMS 10 & A-frame LARS