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Seaeye TMS Type 8

TMS8 Panther-XT
Seaeye Panther-XT and TMS Type 8

An evolution of Seaeye's Type 3 & Type 4 TMS, this garage-style system uses a bale arm arrangement to spool tether on and off a fixed drum without the additional cost of incorporating a slip ring. Up to 250 metres of tether can be accommodated which is remotely controlled by the ROV pilot. The Type 8's improved mechanism and stainless steel frame make it virtually maintenance free.

The TMS Type 8 is adapted for use with all Seaeye vehicles except the Seaeye Falcon, Tiger and Jaguar, i.e.:

  • Seaeye Lynx
  • Seaeye Cougar-XT
  • Seaeye Cougar-XTi
  • Seaeye Panther-XT
  • Seaeye Panther-XT Plus

The TMS 8 benefits from the advantages of a bale arm system, including:

  • Lower cost
  • Simple design
  • No slip ring required
  • Low maintenance

General description

A Seaeye TMS 8 comprises a side entry garage which can be adjusted to accommodate a number of vehicles (see above) with no skid, one skid or two skids. A detachable top section contains the tether management mechanism and controls. The tether is stored on a polypropylene bobbin with an active level-wind mechanism to spool the tether evenly onto and off the bobbin.

TMS8 active level-wind mechanism
TMS8 active level-wind mechanism

The bale arm is powered by a Seaeye thruster motor which is connected to the bale arm reduction gearbox by a flexible coupling. This thruster motor is chosen to be common with the ROV, to allow commonality of spares. The control electronics are contained in a one atmosphere, hard-anodised pressure housing and all connectors are Seaeye metal shell type.

The mechanism section is enclosed by equipment guards that can be hinged up or down without the use of tools to facilitate easy maintenance. All mechanism components are oil-compensated.

TMS8 mechanism
TMS8 mechanism

The subsea end of the armoured main lift umbilical cable is terminated with a load termination bullet, supplied with a load test certificate. Electrically the main lift umbilical is terminated at the TMS in an oil filled junction box. This hard anodised oil-filled and compensated junction box provides a central termination point for the armoured umbilical, the tether cable and the TMS electronics pod. This unit allows fast and simple electrical re-termination in the field, should this become necessary. At the surface, the umbilical is terminated into a slipring fitted to the winch.

A hydrostatic release mechanism ensures that the vehicle is held securely in the garage until it reaches a depth of 10 metres, safely below surface wave action. The spring-loaded latch mechanism allows the ROV to re-enter the TMS and be captured even in the event of TMS system failure.

At the working depth the ROV can be safely flown from the TMS to the extent of its tether. The pilot operates the TMS tether in and out mechanism from the hand controller (or the surface control unit or the foot switches) as he manoeuvres the vehicle. The length of tether spooled out is displayed on the comprehensive video overlay provided as standard fit on all Saab Seaeye ROVs. This is automatically calculated by the number of turns made by the bale arm mechanism during spooling in and out.

Optional camera and light

The TMS can optionally be fitted with a mini camera. In particular the Saab Seaeye mini colour camera is a charge-coupled device (CCD), PAL or NTSC format, video camera intended for underwater use. The camera is fitted with a wide-angle, fixed focus lens, and auto-iris to accommodate varying light conditions. The camera is housed in a watertight, hard-anodised aluminium enclosure fitted with a water correction lens.

An individually fused 150-watt variable intensity lamp unit can be installed onto the TMS frame. The light is controlled via the Hand Control Unit and gives an output of 150W, and can be relocated around the frame as required.

TMS8 mechanism

Optional snubber rotator mechanism

The TMS8 can also accommodate a snubber rotator, which is fitted to the LARS and allows smooth and safe deployment and recovery operations by enabling the operator to stabilise and rotate the TMS.

Snubber rotator

TMS 8 Specifications
ROV model Seaeye Lynx, all Seaeye Cougar models and Seaeye Panther models
Construction Stainless 316 Steel
Baling System Active level-wind mechanism. Polypropylene construction with hard anodised aluminium central boss. Seaeye thruster motor drive with hard rubber universal coupling to bale arm gearbox.
Electronics Pod Hard anodised aluminium cylinder. Seaeye metal shell connectors.
Tether capacity 200m of 20.6mm tether
250m of 17mm tether
TMS 8 Dimensions
Length 1792 mm
Width 1491 mm
Height Between 1846mm and 2788mm (depending on vehicle & configuration)
Total Weight in air Between 1200kg and 1600kg (depending on vehicle & configuration)
Depth Rating Same as the vehicle it carries

Seaeye Lynx in a TMS Type 8
Seaeye Lynx in a TMS Type 8