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• Seaeye's for Stenmar
2 May 2000
• Seaeye send another Surveyor Plus down under
10 Jan 2000

What's New At Saab Seaeye (2000)

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2 May 2000


The Aberdeen based Stenmar Group has confirmed an order valued at GBP 750,000 for three Seaeye ROVs. The systems will be made available for ROV contractors to rent and are intended to help fill the current worldwide shortage of observation and inspection vehicles.

The first delivery will be a Seaeye 600DT eyeball class system that will be commissioned at Stenmar's Underwater Centre, Fort William, in mid May. The second and third systems will be Seaeye open frame electric powered ROVs to be delivered later in the year. They will have the Seaeye Panther, Puma, Surveyor Plus and Tiger to choose from.

'We selected Seaeye ROVs for our rental pool based on their universal acceptance by the offshore oil and gas industry', said Carl Roemmele, Sales and Development Manager at Stenmar, 'the final choice for our open frame systems will depend on the requirements of the main markets that we serve. Seaeye Surveyors, for example, are the 'standard' observation and survey ROVs specified in Australia and the Far East, while Tigers and Pumas are the local preference'.

10 January 2000


Seaeye Marine have announced their first ROV order of the new millennium from Tamboritha Consultants Pty Ltd of Perth, Western Australia.

Tamboritha will take delivery of Seaeye Surveyor Plus serial number 225 at the end of January. It will be supplied fitted with a five function manipulator, front and rear sonar, CP probes, and have spare hydraulic capacity and a 440vac, 3 phase outlet to power larger tools. This will be the sixth Seaeye ROV to be delivered to Australia and will be used for pipeline inspection, survey, rig and intervention support operations.

'Until recently we have relied on subcontractors to provide us with ROV services but now feel that we need to bring this capability in house', says Wayne Ham, Managing Director of Tamboritha. 'In selecting our first ROV, we reviewed the results from the various systems that we have used in the past and chose the Seaeye Surveyor Plus for its versatility and its tremendous power which is needed to cope with the strong cross currents that we often encounter in Australia'.

Seaeye ROVs are supported in Australia by Underwater Video Systems with offices and factory trained technicians in Perth and Melbourne.

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