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• New stuff on the website
13 December 2002
• Seaeye Lynx gets festive in Norway
10 December 2002
• Falcon Flying South
20 November 2002
• Seaeye Falcon - Surface Control Equipment
10 October 2002
• First pictures of Seaeye Falcon and new data sheet
8 August 2002
• Seaeye Falcon off to a flying start
19 June 2002
• Promotions at Seaeye
9 April 2002
• Seaeye Panther Plus - a new electric Work Class ROV system for 2002
16 January 2002

What's New At Saab Seaeye (2002)

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13 December 2002


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Seaeye Lynx

New pictures of a Seaeye Lynx inspecting a satellite template on the Vigdis field have been added for which we thank Stolt Offshore who used a digital camera mounted on another ROV to grab these great shots. This crew sets quite a standard in underwater photography!

New pdf Files

The specifications of the Seaeye Falcon, Tiger, Surveyor Plus, Panther Plus and Lynx have been updated on the site and in new revisions of their pdf files that you can view or download on the relevant product pages.


You can now view or download videos of the Seaeye Falcon, Tiger and Lynx on their product pages. The Lynx video includes footage of the Type 5 TMS. This is shortly to be replaced with a new model TMS but it is a good illustration on the principles of TMS operations.
Warning: These are big files to download if you have anything less than an ISDN connection to the internet.

10 December 2002


We thought that you might enjoy these festive pictures of a Seaeye Lynx dressing a subsea Christmas tree that were kindly sent to us by a Stolt Offshore ROV team operating in Norway:

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What a versatile system - and the fish seem to enjoy the company !

For more information about this ROV click here or contact at Seaeye Marine or your local Seaeye distributor.

Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year,

Chris Tarmey

20 November 2002


Seaeye Marine has won an order from Cape Diving and Salvage for their Seaeye Falcon ROV. The order, won in conjunction with Seaeye's Southern Africa distributor, Marine Solutions, marks the second Falcon ROV sale to the region this year. Marine Solutions, who have fully equipped ROV and Acoustic Positioning workshops, purchased the first South African Seaeye Falcon for local demonstrations and have factory trained technical support for Seaeye products.

Alan Thomas, Managing Director of Cape Diving and Salvage, explained the key factors behind his decision to select Falcon.

"The sheer power of the Falcon, its rapid deployment capability, the low maintenance as well as its proven reliability marks it head and shoulders above the competition. The diverse range of camera, sonar and NDT options has enabled us to procure a superb ROV that meets our exact needs."

Their Falcon will be fitted with two cameras, Bowtech's Navigator low light CCD camera and a standard Seaeye colour CCD camera. The vehicle will also be fitted with Tritech's Super SeaKing dual frequency sonar system with a future upgrade path of additional profiling sonar heads. The Falcon will also carry two cathodic potential probes.

Due for delivery in mid December, the Falcon ROV will be used to depths of 300m in the strong coastal currents of the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic West African coast for which it is ideally suited.

"With over 20 systems sold since production began in May, the Falcon is proving a world beater. Its power, payload and broad range of optional equipment, are generating unprecedented demand. The Falcon is rapidly proving to be a best of breed ROV," said Tom Keene, Seaeye's sales manager.

Since 1962, Cape Diving and Salvage, an underwater services company has been providing safe and cost-effective solutions to the Marine, Shipping and Offshore Oil & Gas industries. The Cape Town based company operates in South Africa, West Africa and the Middle East.

For further specification information click here or contact at Seaeye Marine or your local distributor.

10 October 2002


The Seaeye Falcon web pages have now been updated to include photographs of the portable rack mounted surface control equipment and hand controller.
Click here for more for the full details: Seaeye Falcon

To discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation and delivery time contact your local distributor or at Seaeye.

8 August 2002


As orders continue to roll in for Seaeye's new Falcon ROV - 17 systems since May this year! - the first pictures of the real thing have now been published on our web site. In addition we have updated the technical information and data sheet pdf file for you to download. click here

We hope to add further photographs of the surface control equipment shortly and this will include the IP68 waterproof version of the surface unit and hand controller provided to the UK Ministry of Defence's Salvage and Marine Operation IPT.

To discuss your requirements e-mail at Seaeye, or call +44 (0) 1329 289000 or fax +44 (0) 1489 898001

19 June 2002


With the first 12 systems sold since production began in May this year, Seaeye’s new portable, 300 metre rated, Falcon ROV system is set to become an international success story in the professional coastal and inshore market for underwater inspection, survey and search applications.

Destinations for the first systems include Korea, Singapore, UAE, Canada, Denmark, USA, the Italian Navy, the Royal Navy as well two Falcons for an undisclosed owner of two super yachts!

Seaeye Falcons and the inshore market represent a new area of business for a company that had previously focussed on the offshore oil and gas industry and built a worldwide market leading position as the manufacturer of the most powerful, reliable and widely accepted electric powered ROVs.

Falcon incorporates many of the features pioneered by Seaeye for the demands of the offshore industry with additional features that are new to this class of vehicle. These include distributed intelligence and magnetically coupled brushless DC thrusters with velocity feedback that develop a horizontal thrust of 50 kg and an extraordinary 1:1 power to weight ratio.

For more information click here : Seaeye Falcon



9 April 2002


Sales and Marketing Manager
Matt Bates has now taken over the position of Sales and Marketing Manager at Seaeye Marine. Matt, who was formerly the Seaeye Engineering Manager, brings considerable product knowledge to his new position having previously been responsible for the development of all of the company's current range of ROV systems as well as technical support of the sales department.

Engineering Manager
Jon Robertson has been promoted from within the engineering department to Engineering Manager. Jon's most recent responsibility has been the management of the Seaeye Falcon development project as well as mechanical aspects of the Seaeye Panther Plus and Lynx programmes.

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16 January 2002


As they mobilise the first system, Aberdeen based ROV operator, ROVTECH, today confirmed their commitment to the new 1000 metre rated Seaeye Panther Plus with an order for a second system for delivery in the spring and an option for a further 4 systems through 2002.

Seaeye Panther Plus & TMS

The Seaeye Panther Plus is a development of the original Seaeye Panther in response to an operational requirement developed with ROVTECH who operate the largest fleet of Seaeye ROVs. The agreed target was for greater power, payload, interface capability and a true light weight work class capability.

Forward thrust has been doubled to an impressive 220 kg and lateral thrust increased from 85 kg to 170 kg with a relatively small increase of the vehicle's in air weight to 462 kg. Payload has also been increased to 105 kg. These improved performance figures translate into handling characteristics that pilots report as being 'simply spectacular.'

Visually, the distinguishing feature of the Seaeye Panther Plus is 4 additional vectored SM5 brushless DC thrusters providing a total of 8 vectored horizontal thrusters in pairs and 2 vertical thrusters. The ROV frame has been slightly enlarged to accommodate these thrusters, improve through frame water flow and provide space for a 12 function hydraulic valve pack for tooling and manipulator applications.

'We see enormous potential for this new ROV both here in the North Sea and operating from our Singapore Office' said Andrew Beveridge, ROVTECH's MD, 'We now have a work class capability in an electric vehicle weighing under half a ton and costing less than a third of an Alstom Quest. To this vehicle we have added our own tooling for AX ring removal, cable cutting and other drill support as well as survey operations' he added.

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